Wyoming Marriage License

Wyoming Marriage License

With our help, you’ll obtain your Wyoming marriage license without any difficulty. Just follow our instructions and get it to step by step. However, make sure you have looked through every detail. Even the smallest omissions can be decisive.

What should I do to obtain a Wyoming marriage license?

If you want to apply for a Wyoming marriage license you need to be at the office in person. You don’t have to bring with you any witnesses while applying. Only during the wedding ceremony, you need to have 2 witnesses.

In Wyoming you aren’t required to give any tests (including the blood test) either. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you are a resident of this state or not. Even if you are a non-resident, you won’t have any problems while obtaining your license.


Applicants should complete a special survey form at the County Clerk’s Office. They will need to fill in the following information:

  • Their full legal names
  • Date and place of birth (state/country)
  • The addresses of current residency places
  • Social Security Numbers (SSN)
  • Parents’ full names and birthplace
  • Ethnicity and race they belong to
  • Divorce’s date and state where it happened (In case, one of you has been in another marriage.)


  • Wyoming state-issued ID card
  • Current driver’s license
  • Passports and Passport cards
  • Military ID
  • Permanent residency card (if you are a non-resident)
  • Alien state-issued Passport (if you are a non-resident)

Age requirements

The proper age to get married legally in the state of Wyoming is at least 18. Otherwise, you’ll need to provide some documentation to make it legal.

If you are 16-17 years old, you must get signed consent from your parents or guardian. You should notarize it and present when applying for a Wyoming marriage license.

In case you are younger than 16, the obtaining process will become more complicated. To clarify, you must get a court order from the Wyoming District judge.

Where can I apply for a Wyoming marriage license?

As in all other states, in Wyoming, there are also special offices for obtaining a license. Each county may have a few of those offices. So, you should visit the one which is in your residency county.

Here are the names of the counties that have Clerk’s Offices: Natrona, Niobrara, Campbell, Big Horn, Albany, Carbon, Park, Lincoln, Platte, Converse, Crook, Sheridan, Fremont, Sublette, Sweetwater, Teton, Hot Springs, Goshen, Weston, Uinta, Washakie, Johnson, Laramie, and others.

How long will it take to get a Wyoming marriage license?

Luckily for you, the state of Wyoming doesn’t require any waiting period. You can obtain your marriage license as soon as it will be ready after the appliance. After taking it you can get married whenever you want to. Yet, you can use your license only within this state.

How much does a Wyoming marriage license cost?

Currently, most Wyoming counties require a $30 license fee. However, you need to check it beforehand at the local Clerk’s office of your county.

The most preferable of all is paying the fee in cash. Yet, recently payments with check or bank cards are also available. You can pay with Master, Visa, or Discover cards.

How can I get a copy of my Wyoming marriage license?

A copy of a marriage license is necessary when you want to make any changes to it. In fact, either of the partners can get it whenever they need it. If they can’t do it themselves, and the appointed lawyer may do it instead.

The licensees will need to fill in the following information:

  1. Their legal full names (both the applicants and the spouses)
  2. The date it took place
  3. The place it took place (county or city)
  4. The signatures of both partners (that are on the certificate)
  5. The mail address (for sending the record on it)
  6. Proof of identification:
    • Copy of the current driver’s license
    • Wyoming State ID card
    • Passport
    • Notarized signature


For getting a copy of your Wyoming marriage license you must pay a fee of $25. If you don’t find your record at the Clerk’s office, they will take this as a searching fee. If you are searching for old records, you can find them here Wyoming State Archives.

Who can preside over my wedding ceremony in Wyoming?

Many couples want to choose a special friend or relative to officiate at their wedding. However, each state has its requirements on this topic.

That person should belong to a particular religious affiliation issued by the state of Wyoming. The ceremony may perform a qualified person who can solemnize a marriage of any religion.

Wyoming gives that opportunity to:

  • District or Circuit judges
  • Commissioners of the District Court
  • Justice of Supreme Court
  • The Gospel magistrates
  • Ordained and licensed Gospel ministers
  • Bishops
  • Priests
  • Rabbis

You can also choose your wedding officiant beforehand, through this website USA Wedding Officiants.

How long is the Wyoming marriage license good for?

After you receive your license from the Clerk’s office, it will remain valid for a whole year. You must use it within this one-year period. You are allowed to use your Wyoming marriage license anywhere, only within the state of Wyoming.

Name change

Many couples decide to make changes to their names when getting married. Wyoming gives that opportunity to its applicants. Firstly, you need to fill out the application form with your new given name.

Later on, you can change your name with the help of Hitch Switch change kit. This is one of the easiest and convenient ways to do a name change. It will only take a small fee from you and change your name by using your Wyoming marriage license.

Proxy marriage

Unlike most of the states, Wyoming doesn’t accept proxy marriages. According to state law, no marriage will become legal in this way. The couple must be present in person when applying for a Wyoming marriage license.

Cousin marriage

In some states marriages between relatives are prohibited. Yet, there are cases when cousin marriages are the only exception. However, you can’t marry your cousin in Wyoming. It doesn’t matter, whether it is your first or second cousin.

Common-law marriage

Wyoming doesn’t accept this type of marriage either. Of course, the state allows you to get married without a wedding ceremony. Yet, you will never become legally married if you haven’t obtained your Wyoming marriage license.

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