Wyoming License Plate Lookup

Wyoming License Plate Lookup

If you have just bought a new car or want to renew your current vehicle registration in Wyoming, get acquainted with the conditions the state provides. Wyoming license plate lookup will help you to navigate.

How to get a Wyoming license plate?

The Wyoming Department of Transportation issues all licensing procedures. If you want to get a new license plate or transfer your out-of-state plate, you should apply at your local DMV office. Online, by mail on in-person registration forms are available. New residents should register their cars at the earliest opportunity. If you have just bought your vehicle, a 30 day time period is available for registration.

To register your new vehicle and get license plates, you need :

  • The number of your vehicle title in Wyoming
  • Proof of car insurance
  • Proof of IRS form 2290 if the weight of your vehicle exceeds 55000 pounds.
  • A seller invoice document if the car was bought from a seller.
  • A copy of the car’s former registration if it was registered in another state.

How is the county license plate number determined for Wyoming?

The title number of Wyoming license plates identifies with the county where the vehicle was registered.

First vehicles were tagged in Wyoming still in 1930. Before the presentation of county license plates, state-issued tags were common. It’s interesting to discover in what sequence plates are tagged. Digits on plates indicate 23 counties in the state. The counties with the largest amount of natural resources get the initial numbers. Others with less valuable mineral deposits rank at the very bottom.

Wyoming like many states requires two license plates. One of the front, and the second on the back of the car. Front and back license plates are necessary for passenger vehicles, trucks, and commercials. Still, a new law issued on July 1, 2015, made some exceptions. The vehicles that were produced without a bracket could display only back tags. Custom and antique vehicles are also included in this list.

Anyway, the treasury’s office issues two plates for all types of vehicles. The Vehicle owner will decide whether his vehicle is among these special cases or not.

How long after your license plate expires do you have to renew Wyoming?

Wyoming car registrations have an annual limit. 120 days before the expiry of the registration, the country treasure’s office sends you a notice.

You can go to the local DMV office and renew your license. Online application is also available.
If you have decided to renew your license plate in person, visit your municipal agent’s office. Take with you the following documents:

  • Can insurance documents.
  • The necessary fee
  • An IRS form 2290 in case if your vehicle weighs more than 55.000 pounds.
  • Your license plate number or renewal letter from the treasure’s office.

Take note that payment includes both state and country fees.
If you want to renew your license plate online consider sending these documents.

  • Your license plate number
  • Proof about the availability of your credit or debit card
  • The PIN that is written in your renewal notification
  • Address where the new registration will be sent
  • Payment


The difference between renewal and replacement of your vehicle tags is huge. Renewal is possible only after the expiry of the previous registration.

A license plate replacement is necessary when someone loses or damages the current tags, either someone stoles them. The complete replacement includes getting a new sticker, license plate, and car documents.

Online replacement

If you want to replace your vehicle tags online, first contact your local agency office. The majority of DMV branches suggest only in-person registration. However, your location might differ:

  • Contact your local treasury’s office to find out details about the necessary information. Take note that treasury and DMV offices might have different requirements for tag replacement procedures
  • In-person replacement
  • In person, the replacement form is more accepted at the local county level. To replace your license tags, stickers, and car documentation, DMV offices needs
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Valid driver’s license
  • License plate number

How can I replace my lost license plate stickers?

If you notice that your license plate sticker is missing, take steps to get a new one as soon as possible. That’s the first thing lawmen pay attention to be sure you have a valid license plate. You can have problems with the law in case a sticker is missing.

To get a new sticker, visit your local DMV office. To complete the process you need to provide your car identification documents.

Someone has stolen your plate

If you notice that someone has stolen your license plate, take these steps. Report local police officers about the incident. It supposes that you give evidence about the incident and complete a crime report.

After completing the procedure, visit your local DMV office. There you should provide a copy of your report. Here you will complete an additional report about the incident and get your new license plate.


State fees for the vehicle-renewal depend on their type:

  • The renewal cost of trucks and trailers varies from $5 to $30 depending on the weight.
  • To renew commercial vehicles will cost you from $198 to $1.430000.
  • The fee for passenger car renewal is between $5 to $90.
  • Motorcycle owners will pay $25 to get a new license plate.
  • The cost of replacing the license plate is $8
  • For each extra plate, $30 is necessary.
  • The replacement of license plate sticker is $6
  • How to surrender your license plate
  • If your license plate has been damaged, bring it to your nearest DMV office. The paperwork is almost the same as for stolen tags. You need to fill in a report that your tag is beyond use. Within the given period you will receive a new license plate after the surrender of your old one

Types of license plates

The department of transportation issues several types of license plates. These are personalized license plates, special interest plates, disability plates, and temporary plates.

The special interest license plate

Specialty license plates have a mission to help and get a donation to scholarship opportunities, local foundations, and other services.
Among special interest license tags are:

  • Specialty Plates
  • EMT Specialty Plates
  • Ex-POW Specialty Plates
  • Prestige Specialty Plates
  • University of Wyoming Specialty Plates
  • Firefighter Specialty Plates
  • Veteran Specialty Plates
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor
  • University of Wyoming Specialty Plates
  • Gold Star Plates
  • Exposed Specialty Plates

The DMV office gives disability license plates only to people with medical proof about their health state.

Disability plates are provided to:

  • Vehicles servicing those with disabilities
  • Veterans with a disability
  • People with permanent or temporary disability
  • Disability plates give certain privileges to their owners. They can park their cars at special parking areas meant for them.

Temporary license plates

Non-residents can get licenses on the temporary permit. Those, who remain in the state for more than 30 days, should temporarily register their vehicles. The temporary tags are available for up to 120 days.

Temporary registration for 30, 60, and 90 day periods is also available.

The cost of temporary licenses is $50 per 30 days. However, it’s worth mentioning that the residents of some states might not register due to the reciprocity program.

The state of Wyoming has an exchange program with Nebraska, Illinois, Idaho, and New Mexico.

Residents of these states can freely operate without temporary registration for up to 120 days.

Personalized license plates

Personalized license plates are very common among Wyoming residents. They kind of point to the uniqueness of the owner and show his distinguished identity.

The department of transportation issues personalized licenses to interested citizens. It gives personalized tags to Motorcycles, utility trucks, and vans.

To check whether your license plate is available for this tag, check it with the Wyoming Personalized Plate Website. Take note that you are can provide up to 5 digits on your plate. Spaces and figures from 0 to 9 and a combination of characters from A to Z are available. You can use only Arabic numbers and capital letters. No symbols are allowed. No combination that repeats an already issued license plate is permissible. Consider not using combinations with more than three W’s or M’s as well.

Your license plate should also not contain vulgar and offensive words or expressions.

Take note that if your license plate application does not match the demands, you can’t return the paid fee. The cost of the initial payment for a vanity license is $30 in addition to the regular renewal cost.

In case you do not renew your license plate after the annual expiry, it will be available to the public.

The transfer of a vanity license plate should be done as follows. If the current owner of the plate provides a written permit to the County treasury’s office for a new owner. Hence, the owner gives up his ownership and hands in the plates to the county’s treasury office. However, the current plates must expire before the new owner gets the new plates.

The cost for the transfer of a vehicle is $30.

The state may reject your vanity license plate application for various reasons, check out our banned Wyoming license plates page for more details.

How many characters are on a vanity license plate in Wyoming?

Since 1936 license plates in Wyoming depict a bucking horse and rider. The state name short form ”WYO” was on the plate from 1957 to 1974. Currently, 2008-9 Teton base plates are in use. There are no letters on these types of plates. Instead, numbers are in a small typeface with five characters to the right of the bucking horse. Stickers are black on white, black on green, black on purple, and black on orange colors.

Still, 4 character tags are available for vanity license plates.

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