Wyoming Plumbing License

Wyoming Plumbing License

The state residents that start a plumbing career are required to possess a Wyoming plumbing license. But this is mainly done at the local level. Typically, this means that you should check requirements and testing with your city’s or county’s regional authorities.

In the case of Wyoming, there are no general contractor certification regulations at the state level. Like every other state, Wyoming, as well, offers three options. In addition, non-resident main contractors ought to post a connection with the WY Department of Revenue. It is usually determined according to their relevant regional cost.

Plumber Contractor

In fact, general contractor licensing is regulated through local jurisdictions. In order to become a plumbing contractor (depends on what type of work you do), you will probably need to apply for one or more of the licenses listed down:

  • General (Class A) – constructive works of any type/size of the structure;
  • Building (Class B) – the repairment and construction of residential and commercial buildings (they must be under 2500 square feet);
  • Residential (Class R) – constructive and repairing works and addition for one-family attached residences.


For your information, journeymen are those experts that spend an internship program of four or five years in order to work on drainage systems within residential and commercial domains.

Journeymen are obliged to complete an apprenticeship. The latter should last 4 or 5 years. The Building Safety Department issues these licenses. Particularly you need:

  • Proof of completion of an apprenticeship
  • A completed blank form
  • The check of the application and exam payment

In addition, the exam has 70 multiple-choice questions. In the end, you must have a score of a minimum of 75% on the journeyman examination. You can also take it online.

Journeyman Exam

As a matter of fact, you are allowed to take this examination online. For that, call 1-(877)-234-6082 to receive a piece of information over the phone. You can also contact your local representative for testing facilities. In order to take this exam, you should pay a $105 fee.

Along with that, there are widespread test guides and practice tests that are available for the preparation for the licensing examination.


As soon as the jurisdiction administers these certifications at its level, there are no fixed rules of requirements for a master. As estimated, you may need to get some experience as a journeyman. Therefore, make sure you fill out the application and pass the exam.

In fact, you must also submit the document that shows the proof of your experience received.

Plumbing Apprenticeship

First things first, you should find an apprenticeship program, so that you will be able to develop the skills necessary to become a plumber. Every provider offers his requirements. But mainly they include:

  • Age of 18 or more
  • A driver’s license
  • A negative drug test
  • Criminal record testing
  • Allowance to employ in the US

Generally, WY does not define any general regulations. So, whichever type of certification you will need, highly depends on the type of job you are to produce.


As a matter of fact, the respective local jurisdictions manage the reciprocity agreements in Wyoming. It works together with the rules of conducting the process.

In most cases, individuals that already possess it in another state mainly ought to do some combination of up-training and examination. That is to prove capability within the new state. This happens even if your certification has any kind of reciprocity.

Overall, you should not re-do unnecessary features, so check with the regional jurisdiction. Lastly, the Wyoming Association of Municipalities helps you to clarify the issue so that you avoid accumulation.


As for the renewal, it is better to check with your local municipality. In fact, it is the best choice to find out whether you need to renew it and if so, how often you have to do that.

The renewal fees vary depending on which city you choose. This means that charges have some association with the process.

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