Wyoming Security License

Wyoming Security License

You can find information about different permit types, times of processing, licensing fees, as well as, authorization renewal steps in this passage. So make sure to read it till the end!

What are the general requirements to get a Wyoming security license?

Some of the general requirements in Wyoming are:

  1. Clear background check
  2. Signed release form

Please note that the permit is not valid until the applicant is hired. As in many other states, you should pass several training programs here as well. However, it is not mandatory up until the post-hiring process.

How Can I Become a Certified Security Officer?

The state of Wyoming currently does not provide general security guard licenses. The process is rather individual. For example, each store or business can have its procedure. However, some safety escorts work in the public sector as well.

Some of those sectors are public properties, such as airports, or the protection of the citizens. These types of accreditations are regulated on a national level.

Safety Guard License for Working In Major Contract Companies

The most important factors that most of the companies look for are:

  • background check for any possible criminal records
  • previous relevant work experience

Additionally, some companies may require vehicle records and drug testing. Last but not least, some tests might be conducted to check the physical condition of the candidate.

How May I Check My Criminal Records?

As there are no certain application steps, it is the responsibility of the applicant to present the criminal check to the employer. For the procedure, you need to submit your fingerprints and an application fee.

The applicant is allowed to get fingerprinted at a local law enforcement agency. The fee is $15.

Public Sector Safety Guard Application

There are two levels in general: I and II. For the first category, a high school diploma and a commercial driver’s license are necessary. For the second type, the candidate should have an associate’s degree and relevant experience. The preferred education is a degree in criminal justice. However, in the case of a different degree, relevant work experience should suffice.

On the official website of the State of Wyoming’s career opportunities, each applicant can find a range of different job openings. Sometimes, certain job requirements may be additional. So it is your responsibility to read the descriptions thoroughly.

Armed Warden License Application Procedure

There is no certain set of training programs to receive this type of permit. However, each employer sets standards based on national ones. Many states require:

  • training on handling and usage of weapons
  • knowledge of legal limitations and moral, ethical issues
  • firing rounds for a final qualification

This process should be ensured by the employer. Sometimes many companies prefer candidates who had previous military or police backgrounds.

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