Wyoming Barber License

Wyoming Barber License

The demand for experts continues to rise in WY. So, it means that your decision about becoming a specialist is very relevant. You are on the right path of exploring the arrangements before taking any steps.

The institution, that deals with the permitting procedure is the Wyoming Board of Cosmetology. So, you are to turn to this facility in case you have any questions. You are to contact them by dialing their phone number: 1-929-276-0026.

The Board is the official body that determines certain rules and oversees the training.

Requirements for a Wyoming barber license

There are two types that you are able to apply for. The first one is the regular and the second one is the stylist experts. For the first educational course, you are to study and gather 1,000 hours. The latter includes both theory and practice.

For the second option. You are to gather 1,250 hours. The subjects are very different and vast. They include both scientific knowledge about the profession and practical work for gaining experience.

The stylist experts are also studying to provide chemical services that comprise 150 hours of what is mentioned above. Only after you take these special courses, you are able to go and take the quiz.

NOTE: The people who have cosmetology permits may as well get this one by studying 750 hours only.

Examination requirements for a Wyoming barber license

This process is very simple. Follow the instructions and you will face no problems. First, it is worth mentioning that the application procedure is the same for both the regular and the stylists.

Second, you are to download the official form. Fill in the necessary information. Please be careful not to make any mistakes as it will only delay the process. After that, you are to give the form to notarize.

Whenever you are done with that, you can already submit the paper with some other necessary documents. They are the copy of your ID, passport or birth certificate, or social security card.

The next documents are the certificates provided to you by the special schools, and, of course, the fees that the Board has set for the exam ($125) and the permit itself ($60).

Examination process

The board conducts inspections every six months. They have designed written and practical inspections for hairdressers and stylist professionals. The topics are again very diverse and whatever you study during the courses, you are supposed to demonstrate on sight.

In the case of the written quiz, the tests include multiple-choice questions. The topics concern the general laws and rules as well as scientific and practical factors of the field. For the stylists, the topics are mainly about chemical services.

As for the functional part, you are to use your own pieces of equipment and demonstrate your skills. Try to be fast but neat as this is a very decisive process for you. When you pass these inspections, it means that you are ready for the next phase. That is the permit application.

Reciprocity arrangements

For reciprocity, you are to present all the necessary documents as in the case of the initial application. You are to fill out the required form, the fees, and expenses as well as all the records that your previous state has issued.

Do not forget about your grades and the paperwork that the school has delivered to you.

Renewal arrangements

When it comes to updating your certificate there are two ways you can do it. The first is offline and the second is the online form. Make sure you do it on time because any defaults will result in penalties.

In WY, there is no need in getting additional education for updating your documents, but there are a lot of benefits for those who do. This helps to stay in shape and attract more clients.

Note for reader

If you live in this state and want to learn more about it, you may be interested in other topics like WY Business License. This article provided can come in handy. It contains all the necessary details for you.

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