Wyoming Contractor License

Wyoming Contractor License

Want to perform construction works in Wyoming? First, you need to understand the state-specific requirements of contracting licensure before starting your project. That’s why we have created an easy guide to follow that will eventually lead to your legalized contractor work in the state. We covered topics such as: how to get a contractor’s license in Wyoming, the necessity of obtaining it, the requirements and main steps you need to take to be an authorized contractor, etc.

Do you need a contractor’s license in Wyoming?

In Wyoming, the contractors licensing processes are handled at the local level according to the rules and regulations of the local city/county. The only state-level licensing regulation in Wyoming is issued by the Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety for electrical contractors. There are 4 levels of electrical certifications in Wyoming you can get:

  • Journeyman electrician
  • Master electrician
  • Apprenticeship license
  • Limited or low voltage technician

To apply for the electrical licenses you should meet certain educational, work experience, and trade-specific exam requirements. More detailed information can be found here.

Apart from the electrical contractor licenses, all other types of contracting work are licensed through local governance. The Wyoming Association of Municipalities offers contact information and the jurisdiction websites of several cities or counties in the state.

To obtain your license you can reach out to your local municipality to check the requirements and laws and regulations applied specifically in that city. The most common requirements of licensure are as follows:

  • Registration of your business. Launching a new business such as LLC requires registration and proof of some paperwork. If you already established your business, you may need to provide a certificate of good standing.
  • Work experience. Your local city may require specific years of experience to obtain a contractor’s license. If you are applying for a journeyman level, the requirements may be different from the master level of licensure.
  • Pass the examinations. Several types of contracting licenses will need to pass the exams according to your specialty. The examinations of licensing in Wyoming is handled by the International Code Council.
  • General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. To operate your local contracting business successfully you need to purchase a general liability policy and worker’s compensation if you plan to hire employees.

How do I get a general contractor’s license in Wyoming?

Wyoming doesn’t offer state-level licensing for general contractors. Instead, your local city or county will solely establish the requirements and handle all the contractor’s licensing regulations. We will discuss each city’s general contractor’s licensing process and requirements in Wyoming, separately.

 Cheyenne, WY

To obtain your general contractor’s license in Cheyenne, Wyoming you should apply for the Cheyenne Contractor Licensing Board which issues general contractor’s licenses in Laramie County. The board establishes requirements of licensure and offers various license classes based on the contracting work you plan to perform. You can apply for one or more license classes from the list below:

  • General Contractor- Class A
  • Building Contractor- Class B
  • Residential Contractor- Class R
  • Specialty Contractor Licenses – Contractors working on specialty trades such as plumbing, HVAC should obtain a license.

To apply for one or more of these license classes you should assign a qualified supervisor for your contracting business. Qualified supervisors should indicate their relevant work experience, pass the ICC- National exams, and participate in a Licensing Board meeting to answer queries.

Casper, WY

To launch a construction business in Casper, Wyoming, you can select the type of contractor’s license that suits your business the best. There are 2 pathways of contractor’s licensure in Casper to consider:

  • General contractor license with various classes. If you perform construction on building projects, or demolition projects you can select this form and the license class based on the scope of your work
  • Individual contractor licensure for different specialty trades. The individual contractor license covers several specialty trades such as plumbing, boilers, mobile home installations, etc.
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