Wyoming Tattoo License

Wyoming Tattoo License

As a part of a tattoo artist’s job, you may have long periods of sitting when creating some designs. Your work may even last till evening, and sometimes you will work on weekends as well. Yet, to practice, you need a Wyoming tattoo license above all the other requirements.

How to get a license to tattoo in Wyoming?

As the requirements for getting licensure vary throughout the state, no data can be generally precise. So, we introduce you to what it requires to become a licensed tattooist in Teton County, Wyoming.

By no surprise, operating without proper permission within the boundaries of the county is unlawful. So, each beginner in this sphere should get it from the Wyoming Health Department.

Operators of body art establishments should display the authorization in a viewable place. In that way, the customers will notice it and easily rely on the job of the master.

Wyoming tattoo license application

To operate a body art organization a warrant application should be submitted to the department. The Health Department composes the forms of the applications.

Each request should include the following information:

  • The operator’s full name, phone number, and mailing address
  • A statement that identifies the applicants
  • The full name, phone number, and mail address of each partner (if the applicant is a partnership)
  • The name and the location of the establishment and the types of body art and other offered services
  • The establishment’s all pertinent aspects’ to-scale drawings involving material description (used for all surfaces) and plan of the establishment’s floor
  • The quantity of the body art stations
  • The operator(s’)’s signature and other relevant information as claimed on such forms

Note: A separate application and fees will be needed for each location if the operator operates more than one establishment.


The fees for a tattoo authorization are as follows:

  • $150 – initial
  • $100 – renewal

License issuance

After completing the request and making the payments, the Health Department must make an inspection of the establishment.  They do it within 14 days. To explain, they determine whether the institution complies with the applicable laws and standards.

  • If the latter complies with the provisions, permission to operate a body art institution will be given within those 14 days (not to exceed the date).
  • The Department of Health may as well issue the permit without an inspection upon receipt of a request for fees and renewal.
  • Hereunder issued licensure is only for the institution and operator specified in the permission.
  • It is important to note that the permit must be non-transferable between two applicants or institutions.
  • Also, if the location of a tattoo artist or the organization is changed, there will be a need for a new request and authorization, together with payments thereof.
  • The Health Department has the right to deny, revoke or suspend a permit if the applicant:
    1. has stated false information on the application;
    2. has violated the provisions as mentioned earlier in this chapter.

The expiration date and the renewal

All tattoo organization permits granted under these provisions are due for renewal on January 1. In addition, it is in a year after the issuance of the authorization.

Late renewal fees

A tattoo artist who fails to renew the permit within 30 days of expiration must pay the initial fee and reapply.

On the contrary, a tattooist who doesn’t renew the licensure before expiration is subject to closure. In short, he/she operates without a valid permit and the Health Department may take enforcement actions.

To sum up, we advise you to look through our Wyoming business license article as well. As a future tattoo artist, you may need to explore the nuances of building a successful business.

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